PCT Jobs | Everything You Wanted to Know When Hired as a PCT

Patient care technicians are the individuals that work along with nurses, doctors or other experts in the field. The patient care technicians play a very important part in making sure that the patients are cared for and have more contact than any of the other team members including nurses and doctors. Sometimes, PCT is confused with the term CNA. Learn more about the difference between the two here. 

Why is the Certified Nursing Assistant certificate a requirement in most PCT job listings?

The CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) certification is a very quick way for employers to determine who is trained to handle a hospital environment. As such, many employers make a CNA a minimum requirement just to filter out unqualified applicants. In order to find Patient Care Technician jobs, you will need to make sure that you have a CNA certification. Many of the tasks that the CNA’s and the PCT’s have are the same. Therefore, they are somewhat similar professions.

How much experience do I need to become a PCT?

In order to become a PCT, you generally would enter a vocational training program or a community college that will lead you to your final certification exam. Courses inside of the program include mostly healthcare topics including CPR, first aid, as well as phlebotomy. You might also be taught about basic lab procedures and disease prevention, and understand and perform EKG’s. This program will provide you with the know-how and skills to become a patient care technician.

Most schools require that you have a GED or high school diploma to enter a PCT program. In addition, some hospital could provide you with the training your need or even tuition reimbursement. The percentage for reimbursement and requirements for this kind of training will vary by the type of facility.

Where can I find free CNA training?

Many of the businesses and organizations that offer classes for free are long term care facilities or nursing homes. There are few hospitals that could offer this kind of program, however it is very rare. An individual that is wishing to become a PCT with a free program would need to get in touch with the facilities in their area to locate which ones have this kind of program. You could look at the Nursing State Board to find facilities that offer this program.

How can I get hired as a PCT once I have my CNA?

  • If you are unable to locate a job, become a caregiver until you have enough experience
  • Ask other patient care technicians if they have any suggestions for you. Many times they know of great places that are hiring.
  • You can find a part time or an internship until you can find a full time paying job.
  • Start by calling local nursing homes asking if they have any positions available. Eventually, you will be able to find one that is hiring.
  • Call the hospitals or human resources offices to see if they are looking for help.

Being a Patient Care Technician is not only a noble but a good-paying job as well. In addition, there are a lot of career options being a Patient Care Technician. For a complete guide to PCT salaries, click here. 

Patient care technicians are generally the individuals from medical staff that spend most of the time with the patients. It is very important that they are empathetic, responsive and attentive to the needs of the patients. Having strong communication and interpersonal skills and great attention to detail is very important for those who are planning on becoming patient care technicians.

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